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Therm - figure out of Wall resistance

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Determine temperature resistance of wall.
Now counts more layers! Edit box, enter the thickness in meters with a decimal point (0.3 m = 30 cm) and in the edit box underneath it enter the thermal conductivity LAMBDA.
LAMBDA most frequently used materials are listed in the combo box combo.
Then press the OK button and perform the calculation.
If the wall is of multiple layers, so they are entered data of the next layer, and presses with OK.
The sum resistance and heat-transfer coefficient subtract in the "overall result of multiple layers." When calculating the new resistance of multiple layers, it is necessary to delete the original data, press the button "Delete last records" - erases Listboxes and "Zero results of multiple layers." The indicator shows the total resistance, and as soon as the recommended values, so they fill up red.
Remember that proper insulation can save up to 40% on heating costs.
The calculation is supplemented by an indicative of the heat transfer coefficient (k).

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setup_therm.exe 3.0.2 633 kB 2018-02-27 free
therm.zip 3.0.2 131 kB 2018-02-27 free


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