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Rename files with illegal characters


Description and Download

Program Description:
Converts characters that contain diacritics all characters are converted to lower case letters replaces forbidden characters and spaces with either a hyphen - or an underscore _ removes unnecessary dashes and underscores if necessary, shortens the name to 255 characters

Example of rename a file:
Result: c:\files\priserne-zlutoucky-kun-upel-dabelske-ody.html

Installing the program: downloaded .ZIP file contains the rename_files folder, unpack it in the Program Files directory or where you are used to the desktop the rename_files folder contains an .EXE file that you then double-click on its icon

Move the rename_files folder to the trash and that's all.

Instructions for use
Batch Rename:
you will need Total Commander if you do not have to download it from this server open the folder where the files are to be renamed if the files contain valuable data, make sure to back them up select the files to rename, for example, by right-clicking a short-click on each file From the Total Commander SELECT menu, select COPY NAMES INCLUDING THE WAY TO THE BOX switch to the program, click on the top editor, press Ctrl + A, and then Ctrl + V you should now have full paths in the top editor for files to be renamed press the RECENT FILE button check the result in Total Commander in the event of dissatisfaction, you can return the operation back by pressing BACK RECEIVER you can do other possible name edits in Total Commander for selected files using the Ctrl + M open dialog

Text editing
enter the text you want to edit into the top editor - it can also be multiline if you want to create one line from the text, click (tick) on the LINK LINES check box press MODIFY TEXT button the edited text should appear in the lower editor click the COPY TEXT button to copy the bottom editor text to the SHEEP (shell, clipboard) of your computer then you can use the Ctr + V key combination to paste the text, for example, into a dialog to rename files or use it for other purposes

Download Verze Velikost Datum
1 kB 2018-03-03 free
rename-files.zip 75 kB 2018-03-03 free


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