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Process PE - time of using software on Your PC


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How long the time a window of application is active

The program is used to record the time after which a window is active,   or applications and is particularly useful in determining purchase certain software,   who are using probation.
  This time and address and the name of the * .exe active application records program   to file "datum.html", which is located in the program directory "data".

  For example:
  Data \ 02.10.2007.html
  Every time you start a new file is created which you can then   viewed at any time, or delete it.
  The program startup integrates the system "tray", which is usually   located at the bottom right of the screen to the "Program list".

     Then unhide the application program by double-clicking on the program icon.   Here you will find a button to display "datum.html" in your browser    - "Show log file" and click "Open folder with log files for browsing or deleting"   to open the folder that stores records for a particular day.

  Unnecessary files in the folder "data" can then delete it.   Each application is created and diagram "recovery" and, an application that   the longest active diagram has a length of 100% and other applications have time   expressed as the ratio of the longest running against the application.

Download Verze Velikost Datum
setup_process.exe 973 kB 2018-02-12 free
process.zip 897 kB 2018-02-12 free


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