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Metrix pix Software

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Sofware for various relative measurements in pixel units of screen.
When measuring the size of the monitor (press the "+" button), each pixel that is left is added to each side as a space for easy mouse attachment and resizing by dragging.
Inserted values: InScr x = Distance of the left side of the application from the left edge of the monitor.
InScr y = Distance of the top edge of the application from the top edge of the monitor.
Item W = application width.
Item H = application height.
Mouse x and y are the mouse coordinates when moving through the application.
Clicking on the left mouse button will give you a coordinate cross to better match the application size.

Download Verze Velikost Datum
metrix-pix.exe 32 kB 2018-02-25 free
metrix-pix.zip 9 kB 2018-02-25 free


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