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Brain training

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Description and Download

The software is used to teach typing, but also for brain memory training suitable for both children and adults.

  • Unpack the ZIP archive to a destination

Instructions for using the software:

To top editor, you can open any file with a *. txt using File - Open, or copy - write your own text. So if you open a file using the File Open dialog choose the file that is loaded into the top editor. Text from the top editor can also be saved from the menu File - Save As. The top editor, you can also insert your own text and then save that as a new file and thus create your library source. File should not be too big to post a test did not take too long, and even lines should not be too long for easier filling test boxes. If you have already opened the file in the top editor, press the Create test button, which should create a set of text fields into which you will write the text by heart, from the top editor. If the letter is written correctly, the cursor moves to the next field, but if you made a mistake, the cursor remains in the field and the error should be corrected, or move to the next item using the TAB key. Use the Help button if you do not know what letter to put the active field, where your cursor, but it will be considered your fault. Open button opens a dialog with pre-stored texts. All of the text fields can be erased by pressing Clear Text and can be re-writing as new test. The status bar is an indicator of bad characters count.


  • folder with program move to the trash

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brain_training.exe 1010 53 kB 2018-02-11 free
brain_training_en_1010.zip 1010 26 kB 2011-06-02 free


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