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Convert files to UTF-8 encoding


Description and Download

Utility to convert your files into UTF-8 encoding. Back up files first. Installation:

  • using self - installation package     
  • Ability to create desktop icons     
  • Ability to create a folder in the "Programs"     
  • & nbsp; program lets you install the .NET Framework 2.0     
  • Framewok .NET 2.0 if you have on your PC, so you can also download from this server before installing         program to install - recommended     
  • The program does not create the registry keys - useful for USB drives

             Instructions for using the program:

        After opening the program by double-clicking the mouse on the icon:

    • First, perform a backup of any files or entire folders in which         are files conversion program and test only one file to         learned to work with it     
    • the upper editor, enter the addresses and files on each new line new complete         the path to the file you want to convert - can be obtained, for example, from Total         Commander and Ctrl + B in a folder, it will list all of its contents, and then has the menu         Mark select names including trips to the copy Shrank choose selected files and then already the top         editor to insert these addresses using Ctrl + V     
    • then you can press the OK button, but again, make sure that you have done         backup files     
    • at the bottom of the editor you will show the progress of the event     
    • then open the file in the editor PSPad example and check on the status bar         new encoding               


      • The installer creates executable file which when run performs uninstall the program

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