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Description and Download

         Instructions for using the program:

After opening the program by double-clicking the mouse on the icon to insert the first data about visits for every hour on your site.
The information you find, for example, after registering your Pages on " toplist.
" or another server that measurement statistics deals.
Then you can insert these data into the dialogue by clicking on the " Enter data and so that each line will be only one Group numbers without gaps and thus decimal integer.
In this way, we fill of 24 hours per day.
Then click " OK " and save the data.
After clicking " Indices days " can be set to index every day, while the day with the highest number of visits in a week will have an index of 0.
999 and day, which amounts to only 50% of traffic will have while the index of 0.500 and zero not enter the decimal point, we enter only numbers after the decimal point.
data store click " Save ".
Now we have data enabled and can be inserted the actual number of unique visitors at this hour, and minutes from the start of the day in Edit with " Number of visits from 00:00 until you set time ".
Click on " OK " and should no longer result in gain the expected number of visits.

Download Verze Velikost Datum
setup_visit.exe 553 kB 2018-02-12 free 476 kB 2018-02-12 free


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home »  free software  »  visit

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