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Description and Download

Free application for learnig more languages. After starting the application, select the menu item " Lesson 'vocabulary We want to practice.
Press the " New Word ".
The program will pick random words and puts them in the upper leaf-Box " English     Expressions "
and placed them over the Czech expression that matches one's English translation of the List-Box.
Click on any row List-Box then receive an answer if we determine word
rightly or wrongly.
The bottom sheet-Box also receive other English expressions corresponding Czech word.
In the status bar, then we can get information about how much we have already answered questions
and how successful, which we also graphically displayed in the right part of the application.
We can also open a record of failed responses that we receive
After pressing the " See Errors ".
Another database Tested can be downloaded at:
and save them to a folder in the program directory named " database " then Lesson menu
select "Refresh" and finally the desired database.

Download Verze Velikost Datum
setup_tester.exe 1464 kB 2018-02-11 free 1393 kB 2018-02-11 free


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home »  free software  »  tester

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