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Description and Download

The program is used to monitor the clipboard, and if it contains new text, it stores it in the memory that it prints with the Print-out button in the editor.  
The program is designed for those who need a lot of text to get important information for them.  
Start the monitoring by pressing the Start button. The end of the monitoring is done with the same button, but it will now be Stop. If we copy some text using Ctrl + C in any other application, the program will check the clipboard in the interval that we set using the dial pad. If it finds new text, it stores it in memory.   We can set the time to check the clipboard interval between 1 and 10, which is the time in seconds. You can print the memory in the editor using the Print-out button. Copy the text from the editor to the clipboard using the Copy button. Clear the memory and the text in the editor is done using the Clear Data button. You can find a description of the button's function by hovering over the button.

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autocheck-clipboard.exe 51 kB 2018-03-03 free 8 kB 2018-03-03 free


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home »  free software  »  autocheck clipboard

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