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This program is used to calculate the energy obtained by merging or splitting the core elements. It should be remembered that the most suitable fuel is modified uranium, because the merging of the \ deuterium hydrogen nuclei is very pristine on the equipment and the control of the reaction. Fuel mass is the mass of the fuel to be used to generate energy and is entered in units of "kg". Released energy is the energy obtained from splitting or merging one atom. It is entered in Mev units. Proton number - here we include the number of protons of the atom of the uranium 92 Nuclear number - here we put the sum of the proton and neutrons in the core of the atom over: Uran 235. The result is in kilowatt hours. Photogallery

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ATOMPW.exe 233 kB 2018-02-25 free 28 kB 2018-02-25 free


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home »  free software  »  atomp

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